The stunning mountainous countryside of the Weser region is one of northern Germany’s best-kept secrets. Our hotel serves as an ideal starting point for your adventures into this unique region. Bound by endless forests and dreamy plains, and dotted with magnificent castles, stunning architecture from throughout the ages, picturesque towns and traditional villages, this is truly a place that time forgot.

With so many natural and cultural treasures to uncover and explore, we will happily offer suggestions on places to go and things to see. There is also a wide range of more modern destinations and attractions right on your doorstep.

Have a look for yourself!


Marien's Castle

The unmistakable shape of Marian’s Castle rises magnificently from the slopes of the mountains. The former summer residence of the Welfen, this impressive four-tower castle stands tall above the gentle hills of the winding valley below. The castle stands as the most significant example of neo-Gothic architecture in Germany. One hour guided tours are available from April to October.
Distance approx: 48 km

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Herrenhäuser Gärten

Without doubt, one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. The Royal Herrenhäuser Garden, consisting of the Big Garden, Alpine Garden, Georgengarten and Welfengarten, is among the most beautiful parks in Europe. All of the seminal styles of garden design are on display here:  the Baroque garden art of France, English landscaped garden and the botanical gardens of course.
Distance approx: 28 km

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Zoo Hannover

With exotic wild landscapes, great shows and over 2,600 animals, come and discover the incredible animal world at Hanover Zoo. The zoo is divided into four exciting animal worlds: The African Zambezi River world, Gorilla Mountain, the splendid Jungle Palace and Meyer´s yard from Lower Saxony. You can expect extraordinary encounters and unforgettable experiences at every turn. Lots of fun for all the family guaranteed!
Distance approx: 35 km

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Bison's Enclosure, Springe

Come and see a whole host of magnificent animals in their natural habitat..The magical spring wood will entice you with its lush carpet of flowers and twinkling birdsong. Observe the local animals in wonderment, including striped wild boars, bison, elk calves and wild horses. Under the refreshing shade of the huge old trees, surrounded by the meandering rivers and pretty ponds, this is the perfect spot for a glorious hike on a warm summer’s day.
Distance approx: 33 km

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Dino-Park Münchehagen

There is so much to see at Münchehagen’s Dino Park
More than 220 full-size models of the giants of the primeval times roam the land! There is also the natural monument “Saurierfährten” – the only taxidermy factory in Germany! Watch as real dinosaur bones are preserved!
Distance approx: 20 km

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The Rattenfänger of Hameln first appeared in 1284 and has since stood firm as the world-renowned landmark of the town of Hameln. Visit the home of this legendary figure and watch the Rat’s Up show at Rattenfänger-Halle and Rattenfänger-Freilichtspiele.
Distance approx: 40 km

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Welcome to Rinteln at the Weser!

Take a look around this former university and fortress town. Historical splendour and magnificent Weser Renaissance architecture will follow your every step. The fairs and markets are well renowned and worth a visit. Or if you want to just take it easy, there are plenty of recreational activities and cultural points of interest to keep you entertained.
Distance approx: 30 km

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Island Fortress Wilhelmstein

Jumping aboard a unique sailing boat, you can take a leisurely trip across the sea from Steinhude or Mardorf and arrive at the stunning Wilhelmstein Island Fortress.
Distance approx: 20 km

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Steinhuder Meer

Located in the western region of Hanover, Northwest Germany’s largest lake measures approximately 30 square kilometers and sits upon a stunning landscape in the heart of the 310 square kilometers of The Steinhuder Meer Nature Park.

To take a bike around the Steinhuder Meer, you need to start by the sea at Steinhude where you can rent a boat or bicycle. If you want to take a break with a warm soothing coffee, take a pit-stop at The Moorhütte treehouse in Mardorf.
Entfernung ca.: 20 km

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Schillat Cave

The northernmost limestone cave in Germany, Schillat Cave was discovered during underground explosive work in 1992. After several years of expansion, the cave was opened to the public on 21st August 2004. It is located in the city of Hessisch Oldendorf in the Langenfeld District. Your adventure into the cave will begin at the visitor’s centre in Huthaus where a glass elevator will then take you down 45 metres, passing by the layers of rock and many million years of the earth’s history.
Distance approx: 20 km

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Castle Bückeburg

Castle Buckeburg has been continuously inhabited ever since it was built. It was originally lived in by the Counts of Holstein-Schaumburg, and then from 1640, by the members of the Count’s. The Schaumburg-Lippe royal family then took up residence and still live there today. Since 1925, many of the castle’s rooms have been opened to visitors, including the castle chapel, the Golden Hall and the Grand Ballroom.
Distance approx: 30 km

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Castle Münchhausen

This castle has many fascinating features. There are a hundred and more things to discover here which first came to light out of the depths of history during the laborious renovation work. But the Castle Hotel Münchhausen is more than just a renovated old building. It is above all an exceptional place of historical heritage set in the middle of a unique park landscape; an oasis for pleasure seekers on a search for beauty and enjoyment.
Distance approx: 10 km


The Schaumburg

A mixture of fairy-tale castle and English manor house architecture, Schaumberg spoils its visitors with stunning views across the surrounding colourful flowing meadows.
Distance approx: 27 km

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