The Rehburg-Loccum and Obernkirchen golf clubs are both all-year-round clubs with scenery and courses to dazzle you.

Golfclub Schaumburg
Golfclub Rehburg-Loccum



The area of Bad Nenndorf  has already been well mapped out by hikers. Follow the marked routes to experience the magnificent woods, flowing meadows and lush fields in the fresh air of the North. You’ll comfortably find your way to the Deister, Süntel, Weser Mountains and the Bückebergen by following the well-marked hiking trails.



Bicycle tours are offered between the Deister and the Steinhuder Sea. Take the rural route through the quiet villages and meadows of the Nordgerman Plain, or a trip to Steinhude or around the Sea. Each tour is approximately 30km in distance.

A highly recommended cycle ride is the Deistercycle, a 100km round trip that takes you around the Deister, starting and finishing in Bad Nenndorf. Don’t worry, if you begin to tire, the route passes by railway stations at regular intervals so you can decide the length of your tour as you go.
Mountainbiking is possible throughout the Deister.


Nordic Walking

There are walking tours around the Kurpark and Deister areas with signposted routes for hikers of all abilities.